This course will guide you through how to start using the CRUCIBLE Platform.

1st - Select the Startup Center of Excellence course and pay the $149.99 CRUCIBLE Membership
2nd - Fill out the CRUCIBLE Membership Application
3rd - Sign the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (for protecting your confidentiality)
4th - Contact us at to schedule a Startup Application review
5th - Based on our Application review, select the best courses to achieve your short-term goals

This User Guide includes:
- The CRUCIBLE Membership Application
- Information about the required Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
- An introduction to the CRUCIBLE Startup Center of Excellence
- An introduction to the Startup Lifecycle used by Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms
- A Checklist for all Startup companies
- Background into our Founder's vision
- Lunch-N-Learn Sessions for Startup Founders
  • Why You Should Be A Member NOW!
  • 1. CRUCIBLE Membership Application
  • 2. Startup Phases of Continuous Improvement
  • 3. Your Startup Checklist for Success
  • 4. Crucible is the Business Accelerator for Millennials
  • 5. This is MY Story
  • 6. Startup Lunch-N-Learn Session (INVESTOR UPDATE)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed